Why A Warehouse Sale Is Good For Your Brand

Why A Warehouse Sale Is Good For Your Brand

When it comes to sample sales and warehouse sales, one of the biggest questions a brand asks is whether or not a sale will look good for its image and awareness of your brand. A common misconception is that going through the process of hosting a large-scale shopping event demonstrates a sign of weakness or poor performance in traditional sales channels.

However, from years of experience working with many of the world’s most recognized brands, StyleDemocracy’s platform for warehouse sales has proven to be a great mechanism to move huge quantities of inventory and also enhance brand name recognition. How does it do that?

StyleDemocracy’s Approach

At StyleDemocracy we take a very simple approach to our events. We work with brands that people will stand in line for, with large public appeal and global recognition.

Over the years, StyleDemocracy’s clients have included names like Nike, adidas, HUGO BOSS, Ted Baker, Lacoste, Dolce & Gabbana, Nordstrom, OVO, Frank And Oak, Puma, New Balance, Levi’s, TOMS, and so many others. If you’re familiar with the retail landscape, you know quite well that these brands are well-known and well-respected.

Aside from being globally renowned, there are two things all of these brands have in common:

  1. These brands have recognized that, from time to time, they have inventory build-ups.
  2. With a tremendous amount of detailed consideration and research, they have decided that a warehouse sale event with StyleDemocracy is an incredible solution for them.

How to Improve Brand Awareness and Shed Excess Inventory

StyleDemocracy events are single-branded  warehouse sales, sample sales, or pop-up  events. While other third-party inventory concepts often see a multitude of brands sold under one roof, StyleDemocracy focuses its efforts on one brand at a time.

This unique approach allows us to produce an event that is consistent with the brand’s image; one that’s reflective of its normal channels and marketing. The events are marketed as the brand’s own, powered by StyleDemocracy. Therefore, all events increase or add to brand name recognition and even build brand awareness.

StyleDemocracy’s Team

What really separates StyleDemocracy from others is our team. Made up of an impressive collection of digital marketing, branding, and retail experts, as well as qualified sales staff, large-scale  shopping events are StyleDemocracy’s specialty. The team prides itself on providing results, working with each brand to ensure its individual goals and vision are met.

warehouse sale good for your brand
The Nordstrom Warehouse Sale Powered By StyleDemocracy

Warehouse sales create a new subset of customers

There are many reasons why having a warehouse sale is good for business, and one of them is because it can help grow a brand’s customer base.

Through running shopping events and warehouse sales for over 20 years, StyleDemocracy has established a great brand and loyal following; customers know the difference between an event run by StyleDemocracy and one that isn’t.

When partnering with StyleDemocracy, a brand is not only alleviating the stress that comes with planning a warehouse sale, they get access to StyleDemocracy’s loyal client base. Through this, a brand is able to access customers that may never have shopped the brand at regular pricing but is able to discover it at a sale.

Warehouse sales are an opportunity to strengthen relationships

In addition to a new customer base, warehouse sales can be used to strengthen existing relationships further. Through VIP programs and strategic partnerships, a brand is able to target its most loyal shoppers and offer additional perks at the sale.

An example of this is StyleDemocracy’s pre-sale events that host shoppers prior to the sale opening to the public. These private events add the extra level of exclusivity that some brands are known for.

warehouse sale good for a brand
An exclusive shopping event StyleDemocracy hosted at GotStyle

Warehouse sales are an opportunity to increase brand recognition

Your brand identity is key to your success. Building increased brand awareness is how you build upon your brand identity or create it from scratch. 

If your warehouse sales are done right, along with other brand recognition strategies, they can be a great way to increase brand awareness or solidify brand identity. After all, your brand exists not in a silo, but rather, juxtaposed against hundreds or even thousands of competitors. Why would you hold a warehouse sale that makes you blend in? 

At StyleDemocracy, we understand that promoting your brand is key to not only building trust with customers but also building a strong brand. That’s precisely why our events are single-branded sales that bolster your already-on-point marketing and sales strategies. 

The bottom line? We’re here to help you sell excess inventory or generate buzz in a way that works for you.

Shoppers love the thrill of the hunt

At the end of the day, there are a lot of people that love that a warehouse sale experience is different from a regular retail experience. Shoppers never know exactly what they’re going to get and if they’re lucky, they can find some incredible products and even better prices. It’s a fun experience and that’s why shoppers love it.

Coupling a brand with the right price is a way to guarantee excitement, attract new customers, and appeal to loyal fans. One example of this is the OVO Warehouse Sale, which StyleDemocracy hosted in Vancouver and Toronto. With minimal promotion, the sale attracted thousands of shoppers, some even willing to line up overnight. Making a coveted brand attainable for a limited time builds hype and draws attention.

In short, executed properly, a warehouse sale is good for your brand.

Partnering with the right third-party warehouse company is the key to success. By aligning goals and visions, a warehouse sale can be a positive way to engage current and new customers, build brand loyalty, and excitement while recouping revenue.

To find out more about how a warehouse sale can benefit your brand, contact StyleDemocracy for a free consultation.