Uniting People With The Brands They Love

Uniting People With The Brands They Love


For nearly 20 years, StyleDemocracy has helped many of the world’s biggest brands & retailers manage their excess inventory needs through strategic and engaging solutions.

Our unique approach to running interactive warehouse, sample, and pop-up sale events has allowed us to engage with millions of customers across North America and give brand partners an exciting way to build audience connections.

What originated as an email list of a few thousand warehouse sale shoppers from Toronto has turned into a massive digital community of highly engaged and dedicated consumers looking for information on all things fashion, retail, and lifestyle from their favourite brands.

Why Work
With Us?

The Power Of StyleDemocracy Is Twofold.


Our event management team has over 70 years of combined experience working with dozens of the biggest brands and retailers. To date, StyleDemocracy has executed over 400 warehouse and pop-up sale events across North America.

Digital Reach

Not only does StyleDemocracy have unparalleled experience and expertise when it comes to executing sale events for our clients, but our strength also lies in our digital community and marketing capabilities. Through our email list, social media channels, and website traffic, we reach hundreds of thousands of consumers every day!

Brands We Work With.

Sales +

StyleDemocracy is known for putting warehouse sales on the map in Canada.

Our unique approach to creating the most attended warehouse, sample, and pop up sales in North America has been built on over 70 years of combined branded retail experience across our management team.

We understand the stresses that excess inventory provides a brand, and our service exists so that our clients can focus on their day to day strengths, allowing StyleDemocracy to quickly move their excess inventory.

Event Management

For 20 years, our events have provided our clients with a turnkey solution and outstanding recovery on their excess inventory.

Our events are supported with content and digital marketing, driving traffic, engagement, and brand awareness to new levels through StyleDemocracy.com.

What We Do

  • Event Management
  • POS + Inventory
  • Event Marketing
  • Location/Venue
  • Event Staffing
  • Event Security
  • Logistics

+ Media.

Connect your brand with our massive community of shoppers.

StyleDemocracy.com is a digital community built up of like-minded people who come together for the latest information on all warehouse sales, pop-up shops, and sample sales happening in their city, as well as up-to-the-minute news on all things fashion, beauty, retail and lifestyle.


Our expertise lies in brand promotion and event marketing. One of the most successful strategies we use for our clients is email marketing. We have over 10 years of experience delivering amazing results with customized campaigns utilizing best in class technologies.

02.Social Media

With networks that are always growing, our social channels are some of our greatest resources to communicate and create viral marketing campaigns. Through our social platforms — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter — we amplify our clients’ messages to our community using high-impact campaigns that keep audiences engaged with powerful content.

03.Content Creation

We create engaging content that can be shared through your brand’s channels or exclusively through StyleDemocracy. We work with top global brands to create engaging and memorable content, fostering new relationships between brands and consumers.

04.Contest Marketing

Whether your goal is to increase social growth, generate brand buzz, or to push sales in-store and/or online, StyleDemocracy delivers. Our contests are an effective way to gain brand momentum and engage with customers and audiences in a meaningful way.

05.Experimental Marketing & Events

Let a StyleDemocracy hosted event bring your brand to life through interactive experiences and in-store activations. Leveraging our dedicated subscriber list and network of partners, we’re able to drive a captive audience for ultimate brand exposure.


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After closing his family’s iconic Toronto-based retail business in 1997, Michael Berg realized that shopping habits had quickly changed: there was a better way for brands to liquidate excess inventory and for consumers to get in on the benefits.

In 2000, starting out from home, Michael Berg launched StyleDemocracy — Canada’s 1st outsourced warehouse sale business — with instant success. Clients included Holt Renfrew, Gap, Club Monaco, Guess, Levi’s and dozens more.

Word quickly spread about these events, and the lineups to get in were out of control — a pretty fantastic problem! Shoppers loved the idea of saving tons of money on great brands in a fun environment just as much as brands loved getting superior recoveries than ever before — and StyleDemocracy would do all of the work!

We wanted to invite our most loyal customers to each event, so we started writing down email addresses. This crazy new tool would let us talk directly to a growing, loyal following — almost 800 at our 1st event. We’ve gone from collecting emails on sheets of paper to utilizing state of the art technology to help grow and manage a community which is now 250,000+ and growing fast. Our sale events (warehouse sales & pop-up shops), with almost 250 to date, have been staged in every major city in Canada and a few in the US.

In 2012, we realized that our insiders wanted more than just an occasional email about our upcoming sale events. They wanted information on things that mattered in their day-to-day lives — news about fashion, stores, food, AND where the next big sale event would be.

That’s when we decided to launch StyleDemocracy.com, a publication that talks directly to our loyal fan base with content that engages, entertains, and connects them to our brand partners on a daily basis with insightful articles from some of Canada’s top writers and influencers.

Today, StyleDemocracy.com and our connected social media platforms have become a trusted marketing partner for brands wanting to connect to our dedicated community of INsiders with sponsored posts, insightful articles, and awesome contests — all combined with the biggest, most-attended sale events in Canada.

It’s what makes StyleDemocracy unlike any other company in Canada!