8 Important Factors To Consider When Choosing A Warehouse Sale Company
The adidas Warehouse Sale powered by StyleDemocracy

8 Important Factors To Consider When Choosing A Warehouse Sale Company

Sample sales and warehouse sales are becoming more popular than ever. While these types of sales were once restricted to certain times of the year, brands are hosting them more frequently and shoppers are consistently seeking out more value.

If your company has been toying with the idea of hosting a sample sale or warehouse sale, one question you’ve probably asked is, “should we host a warehouse sale ourselves?” But depending on the size of your company and the amount of inventory you have, the logistics of a large-scale shopping event may not be something your team can — or want — to take on.

But just because your team doesn’t have the capacity to take on a large-scale sale event, doesn’t mean it’s totally out of the equation. A popular route retailers like Nordstrom, HUGO BOSS, Nike, adidas, and more have taken is to outsource its sale events to a third-party. The key to a successful warehouse sale is choosing the right inventory management company.

Here are eight important factors to consider when choosing a warehouse sale company.

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The Nordstrom Warehouse Sale Powered By StyleDemocracy

1. Is it convenient for your team?

In life, there are always opportunities for a good DIY project. However, in business, hiring an expert is always a prudent move. Typically when a brand decided to run a warehouse sale themselves, they pull staff members from their regular daily functions to assist in running the sale.

In order to run a successful event, it takes days or even months of planning. If this work is passed off to employees who were not originally hired for this job, you risk mismanaging resources, which could ultimately lead to the disruption of your company’s regular business.

Outsourcing a largescale shopping event is convenient with the right company. Your team can focus on the bigger picture, while the inventory management company can focus on what it does best: moving a mass amount of products in a short amount of time. You should feel comfortable letting a warehouse sale facilitator focus on its strengths and area of expertise — if you do, the outcome will turn out in your favour. It’s a simple and tested principal, and this school of thought should be applied when it comes to making the decision about running a warehouse sale event.

2. Are you working with experts?

When you’re choosing a third-party warehouse sale company, it’s imperative to look for one with experience to guarantee success. At StyleDemocracy, warehouse sales are what we do. We’ve been living and breathing sales for 20 years and have seen a million and one different scenarios, which allows us to make each event better than the next.

It’s a common misconception that a large-scale shopping event is as simple as throwing some tables and rolling racks into a space with great pricing, but there’s really so much more to it than that. With years of retail and warehouse sale experience, StyleDemocracy has been involved in over 500 events with brands like Lacoste, Ted Baker, and Puma, to name a few.

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3. Are you getting the best exposure for your sale?

The right inventory management company has its own following. Take for example, StyleDemocracy’s audience. Through decade’s of events, StyleDemocracy has amassed a massive amount of shoppers who anticipate our sales. These shoppers are communicated with through email, social media, and the website frequently, and are even willing to wait in line because StyleDemocracy’s sale events are synonymous with great shopping.

On top of having an incredible event management team, StyleDemocracy’s team of marketers assist in producing great content and marketing campaigns to ensure an event’s success. From traditional print media to digital mediums, our marketing team is focused on targeting the right audience and driving foot traffic to events. Over the years, StyleDemocracy events have seen consistent growth in attendance; with upwards of 30,000 shoppers per warehouse sale.

4. What kind of revenue has the company generated in the past?

While hosting a sale internally might seem like a good way to save costs, oftentimes, working with an inventory management company will actually generate more revenue.

Over the years, StyleDemocracy has worked with many brands, many of which have run sample sales or warehouse sales internally. In every instance, StyleDemocracy has increased sales revenues by 25 to 100 per cent, sometimes more.

5. Are you saving money?

On top of generating more revenue, a warehouse sale company can also save you money in the long run. To maintain the highest recovery value for clients, StyleDemocracy works with strict budgets. We work hard to run the best events in a cost-effective manner. Our experience allows us to pinpoint the right venue, as well as the precise amounts of staff, security, and fixtures, needed for an event based on the brand and the quantity of inventory. Our relationships with vendors across North America result in preferred vendor rates and the savings are passed onto clients.

6. Does the warehouse sale facilitator’s mission align with your brand?

A concern some brands have is whether or not a warehouse sale will look good for its image. In many cases, it does. Particularly if you’re working with a warehouse sale facilitator that has experience at the top of its priorities. StyleDemocracy caters each event specifically to a client’s brand. Whether it’s through hosting exclusive pre-shopping events, adding on activations, or keeping things simple, StyleDemocracy is able to customize an event that aligns with your brand’s values.

7. Are shoppers getting the best customer service?

Throughout the entire process, a great inventory management company should provide excellent customer service. The StyleDemocracy team will manage consumer inquiries throughout the event, while staff at the sale are ready to assist where needed.

StyleDemocracy employs trained cashiers, sales associates, stock staff, and an experienced management team that results in a well-rounded shopping experience and thousands of happy, repeat customers.

8. What are others saying?

Explore your network; it’s likely you know someone who has successfully worked with an inventory management company.

At StyleDemocracy, we build long-lasting partnerships with our clients. Puma is just one of StyleDemocracy’s satisfied clients, having worked with StyleDemocracy for over 15 years. Of our work, Puma Canada’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Mark Maguire, has said, “[StyleDemocracy has] been a great solution for moving distressed and aged inventory while keeping the Puma brand’s best interest in mind. We have enjoyed the partnership and professionalism throughout our years working together.”

Choosing the right warehouse sale company can seem like a daunting task, but StyleDemocracy’s team and model have proven successful for decades.

If you’re interested in learning more about how StyleDemocracy can run a sample sale or warehouse sale for your brand, contact us for a free inventory consultation.